Space Rentals

Thank you for your interest in renting space at the First Parish Church, Billerica. Please read the terms and conditions for rental before completing the rental request form.

Parish Hall
Room 2 with long table and chairs

Parish Hall


70 cushioned folding chairs, many large rectangle tables and round tables are available for use. There is also a kitchen with ovens, refrigerators, sinks, a stovetop, microwave and toaster oven on the ground floor available for use with rentals.



The Parlor has a couple of comfortable couches and some easy chairs.



The classroom has a large table and open space for chairs or extra tables as needed.
No food allowed.

Conditions for Use

I agree to obey fire regulations and will not park in the fire lane. Parking is allowed in the Library parking lot and the church parking lot. No parking will be allowed at the Talbot Lodge (the Billerica Community Pantry currently uses it for distributions - towing will be enforced).


Please leave the hall as you found it. If furniture has been moved, please move it back; if windows were opened, remember to close them; clean up spills; dispose of trash in outside dumpster; make sure the floor is clean. If you have used the oven, please clean up any spills. (The dishwasher is for church use only)

Please do not throw containers with liquid into the trash containers - Liquids may be disposed of in the kitchen sink. There are bins in the kitchen for recyclable items. If additional clean up is required after your rental, you will be charged for the time it takes the Sexton to return the building to its proper condition. 

Smoking in the church is not allowed. A container has been provided outside the door in the parking lot for smokers to use outside - please dispose any cigars or cigarettes in the provided receptacle.

Please do not use pushpins or scotch tape on the walls or woodwork.

Make sure all lights are turned off when you leave; make sure to check the lights in the bathrooms.